Work at Martins

We want to be together with people who identify with our principles and values. We are passionate about what we do, enthusiastic and vibrant, always renewing energy and engagement with work. We seek permanent renewal in the way we think and act, committed and focused, but we are also simple people with openness and willingness to listen and learn. We are right and upright, respecting each other. We value common sense, balanced decisions and the recognition of merits and differences. We are proud to work and grow, respecting the principles and commitments we undertake.


We are one of the best companies to work according to GPTW

We entered the ranking of best companies to work for the Great Place to Work Institute – GPTW. Each year the GPTW conducts research based on the evaluation of the level of trust of employees in five dimensions: credibility, respect, impartiality, pride and camaraderie.



Young Talents


***Young Entrepreneur

We have the true commitment to contribute to the generation of new entrepreneurs. Here the young person has the opportunity to learn activities aligned with their skills and acquire the knowledge of the first job. Aimed at young people between 14 and 24 years of age, the objective is to create employment opportunities in the company according to the availability of vacancies.

Practice: Young people are directed to various sectors of the company according to their abilities and are under the guidance of the area manager.

Learning: Participation in classes on administrative services with a vocationally certified teaching institution. Training: Encounters with the youth team to develop their knowledge about business, professional maturity, basic skills to enter the job market and activities focused on the awakening of entrepreneurship

*** Internship

For those who are seeking to acquire experience we offer the opportunity to acquire the professional experience necessary for the career. We develop and insert the youth in the context of an organization to complement their academic knowledge by reconciling theory and practice. We work to turn our trainees into skilled and engaged professionals. For this we are based on two premises:

– Promote knowledge management and integrate with new practices and concepts available in academia and the market. Trainees can be effective in our business units, aligning opportunity with aspirations.

– To support the trainee’s development, our program consists of practical day-to-day activities, with courses from our online platform and on-site courses. This structure is directed to practical learning and supported by feedbacks, training and development of basic skills for insertion in the job market.


Leadership Development


*** Field Talents

For employees who are interested in building their career plan as future sales leaders, we have created the Talentos do Campo program that provides leaders capable of meeting market demands, generating sustainable relationships and results. The structure of the program is divided into: Process management and execution: The participant understands the role of the Territory Manager and how to contribute to the company’s strategies, develops its skills to deal with operational processes and work tools.

Business, market and its challenges: Deepens the strategic vision of the company’s business. It understands the impacts of the activities of a Territory Manager on the other areas of the business for the construction of joint and synergistic action.

People Management: Develop skills in people management and leadership using tools that support the sales team in delivering results. All this work counts with the support of a group of senior managers performing roles of Tutors and Mentors sharing their experiences, providing technical training to participants and broadening their systemic vision. This is a great differential of the program because it brings greater gain of learning and delivery of consistent results.

*** Talents Logistics

In this program, we identify and develop Martins professionals with an interest in building their career plan as future Logistics Leaders. Logistics is one of the areas where it strikes the heart of our business, so it is very important to have a prepared team and leaders capable of conducting with wisdom the professionals who carry out the activities of this division. The training axes are:

Management, execution and results orientation: Develop management skills and execution of Logistic processes and be aligned with company strategies.

Understanding the business, market and its challenges: Develops a strategic business vision and skills to innovate and manage change in the face of market and area challenges.

People management and leadership: Develops people management skills and leadership using tools to support the logistics team in delivering results.


Formar – Our development platform

More than a course platform, Formar has already become a working tool for employees looking for growth and career development, always aligned with the needs and strategies of the segment in which they work. Formar has a great diversity of contents that go from a tool of general use in the market like of specific use in our businesses. The flexibility of the tool allows the user to create their own learning agenda, accessing the contents from anywhere at any time.




Opportunity to volunteer

Among the various actions promoted by the Alair Martins Institute (IAMAR) is the VemSer Corporate Volunteer Program, which aims to help the Martins System collaborator play an important role in the constitution of a more just and solidary society. The volunteer, in addition to the satisfaction of contributing to a better world, develops skills such as self-confidence, initiative, leadership, responsibility, sensitivity to socio-environmental problems, acceptance of diversity, perseverance, time management and teamwork. IAMAR supports and encourages the actions of the Program, which are disseminated to our employees in the 4 corners of Brazil.