Who We Are

Martins was founded in 1953 and has built an incomparable success story, becoming a distribution and retail benchmark in the country. Throughout its history, by diversifying and amplifying its service areas in all country regions, Martins has assumed the role of consumer chain integrator.


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To be the leading demand chain integrator

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To be the best solution in distribution for Brazilian retail.

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Love for What We Do, Discipline, Humility, Innovation, Integrity, Justice, Loyalty



The beginning

On December 17th, 1953, a small groceries store opens in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais. With 1076.39 sq. ft., this would be Martins’ embryo.


The expansion

With a small fleet of trucks, Martins begins to sell its surpluses and enters the wholesale-distributor segment.


Martins Warehouse

Martins Warehouse is opened with a storage area of 32291.73 sq. ft. In that year, the company employed 180 associates and a 45-truck fleet.


Martins Retail University

Martins Retail University (UMV) is created to be a leading center for the development and application of technologies and trainings, seeking to strengthen retail.



Martins launches Tribanco to support retailers and suppliers with financing.



The Smart chain is opened to promote the profitable development of small and medium sized retailers through creative associativism involving financial, technological and commercial support, as well as training and marketing.



eFácil, an e-commerce based platform for developing solutions is launched.



Alair Martins Institute is created to develop the entrepreneurial potential of young people through cultural and socio-environmental initiatives.


Where We Are

Martins System

Martins System (SIM) aims to create conditions to constantly improve the consumer chain performance. SIM comprises several companies and initiatives, including: Martins Wholesale-Distributor, Smart Supermarkets, IAMAR (Alair Martins Institute), e-Facil e-commerce platform, UMV (Martins Retail University), Tribanco, Tribanco Insurance, and Tricard.


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Customer Services: +55 34 4004 5999

or +5534 3301 5777

Phone sales: +55 34 3301 5777

or +55 3003 8899

Mon-Sat 8:00am to 7:50pm

www.efacil.com.br | Facebook | Twitter | YouTubeInstagram | Google+

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0800 701 5565

Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm

falasmart@martins.com.br | Facebook |

YouTube | Instagram |


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+ 55 34 3218 1805
iamar@iamar.org.briamar.org.brFacebook | InstagramRSS Feed

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Call center: 0800 979 3355
Business Central: 0800 701 5503
Costumer Service: 0800 727 1247
Ombudsman: 0800 727 4017
faleconoscotribanco@tribanco.com.brsactribanco@tribanco.com.br | www.tribanco.com.br

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Call center: 0800 722 3099
Costumer Service: 0800 722 3091
Ombudsman: 0800 727 4017
ouvidoria@tribanco.com.br | www.tricard.com.br

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Business Central: 0800 979 3355

Liberty Affinity Call Center:

0800 727 5201

Ombudsman: 0800 727 4017

admcorretora@tribancoseguros.com.br |

ouvidoria@tribanco.com.br |


Martins Documentation and Memory Center

Martins Documentation and Memory Center (CDMM) was created in 2005 to support institutional research, besides preserving and spreading the history and memory of Martins Integrated System. The CDMM’s collection cherishes the history of Martins in photos, trophies, certificates, magazines, reports and other materials, which are organized and available for consultation.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

The commitment to ethics is an integral part of Martins Integrated System. Our Code of Ethics and Conduct was produced in line with our commitment and based on our values. Our Code aims to serve as a guideline on the company’s stand and expectations concerning our stakeholders, either internally or externally.